Steps for Renewing a Real Estate Sales Associate License in Florida!

Post-Licensing Course, Application, and Fee Payment.

Steps to Renew a Florida Real Estate License for the First Time!

Be proactive and avoid last-minute hassles! Make sure you're aware of the renewal process for your real estate license, including necessary classes and fees. Typically, your initial real estate license is valid for 18 to 24 months from the date you passed the state exam. Don't forget to check your license for the exact expiration date!

  1. Complete the Required Post-Licensing Education:
    • Before your license expires during the first renewal cycle, complete a state-approved 45-hour post-license course. This curriculum enhances the knowledge gained during pre-licensing education.
    • Failing to complete the required post-license education by the expiration date will necessitate retaking the pre-license course, state exam, and other initial requirements.
    • Numerous vendors offer classes online and in-person. Course packages can be sourced from local boards/associations, accredited colleges, technical centers, and real estate schools. Prices generally range from $150 to $250.
    • Consider Dolphin School of Real Estate for your post-license renewal course, as they offer more affordable prices compared to the majority of real estate schools.
  2. Pay the Renewal Fees:
    • Renewal fees can be paid online to the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) or via check/money order.
  3. Submit Your Renewal Application:
    • Apply online or by mail to the DBPR. After submission, wait for a confirmation from them that your license has been renewed.
  4. Download and Keep Proof:
    • Once approved, download the updated license from the DBPR website.
    • Always retain a copy or proof of your renewal for verification purposes or potential audits.
  5. Active Status Maintenance:
    • Ensure your license remains on 'active' status to practice legally. An 'inactive' status will prevent you from operating as a real estate agent.

Note: It's crucial to begin the renewal process well before the expiration date to accommodate for the time needed to complete education and other requirements. Always refer to the official Florida DBPR website or consult a Florida real estate attorney for the most precise and current details on license renewal.